Are You Ready to Share Your Genius With the World?

It’s time to let yourself shine and get noticed online. I’ll help you get clear about how you stand out as a leader in your field, who your dream clients are, and what signature offer will attract the clients you love. Then, we’ll create an authentic brand that packages your services to command premium prices. Start now by taking the Free BrandSparkTM Assessment.  Enter your info below to get started:

Showcase Your Authentic Self

Do you feel like you keep attracting clients who don’t seem to appreciate what you have to offer?  You have real value to share, but you’re not sure how to showcase what you do, so you can reach the clients you really want to work with—the ones who will love your work and pay you what you deserve.

You are probably casting the widest net you can to get paying clients, so you are offering lots of services, hoping to cover everyone’s needs.  Maybe you are undercharging for your services and taking on any client just to make ends meet.  I’ve been there!  Watering down your brand to try to serve everybody doesn’t work.

It’s time for a change.  Find out how you can stop being everything to everyone, and start doing what you really love while working with the people you truly want to work with.  Discover how to express what your personal genius is and how to shine online, so you can attract your ideal clients.

Step 1: Start with a Free BrandSparkTM Assessment

Answer these 18 questions to learn what makes you stand out from your competition and how to position yourself so that your ideal clients will recognize you and want what you have to offer.  Get clear about who you really want to work with, so you can attract those clients who energize you, appreciate you, and pay premium prices to work with you.

Step 2: Plan your brand with a StrategyBlastTM session

The StrategyBlastTM will help you get crystal clear about how to reach your dream clients, what Signature Services to offer and how to package them with the most value, so you get paid what you deserve.  Your session starts with a personal consultation by phone to discuss your authentic brand strategy based on how you answered your BrandSparkTM questions.  Then, I will write up a 2 to 3-page brief that summarizes your brand plan, and I will give you recommendations on how to move forward to showcase your brand online.

Step 3: Follow through with a BrandShineTM

After the BrandSparkTM, we’ll refine your brand in a 1 to 2-hour strategy session, and discuss how to package your services to appeal to your ideal clients.  We will also price your services, so you get paid what you deserve for doing what you love most.  Then, I will execute your entire brand with a logo, colors, graphics and messaging on a website that will get you noticed.

When your dream clients see your authentic brilliance, they will naturally want to work with you.
Is Brand Your Genius Right for You?

Because I want you to succeed with your brand, you must be committed to the Brand Your Genius process.
This process is right for you if:

  • You are ready to evaluate your current work flow and choose a very specific niche to serve.  (Narrowing your field actually positions you as an expert and helps you reach your ideal clients more easily.)

  • You offer services to your clients, and you want to stop charging on an hourly basis and start charging for the value you provide.

  • You are open to packaging your services in a new way that provides more value, so you can charge premium prices.

  • You are willing to answer the BrandSparkTM questions honestly, and to participate in a strategy call to shape your brand, so we can position you as a distinction in your field.  (This process takes about 3 hours of your time.)

  • You want to follow through with a BrandShineTM to showcase your new brand online with your logo, colors, graphics, and messaging on a website that helps you stand out as the expert you are.

Ready to commit to branding your personal genius?

What Clients Say

Jai Maa

“Sharon Julien is one of the most talented creators I know. As I expressed the vision I had for myself, she listened carefully and gave her input on how to let my own unique expression as a public speaker shine on my website. She captured my essence in a way that no other creative contractor has, and I knew she was the right person to help brand my website.  Sharon is easy to get along with, fast, productive, and incredibly talented at her craft. Save your time and money, and work with this highly recommended professional.”

Jai MaaBreak Through Your Threshold
Kylie Slavik

“Sharon created a website for me and several of my friends. She is super fast and has never missed a deadline for anything I have hired her for. She understands web design at the expert level and is able to integrate the design into whatever your marketing desires are.  She is really a great person who is always working on herself so the professional relationship is pleasant and a constant platform for growth. I have recommended Sharon to several other people who have all been very happy with the results she has delivered. I can easily recommend her again and again.”

Kylie SlavikRecovering the Spirit
Marie Glasheen

“It is so easy to work with Sharon. I wanted a site with a certain feel, I wanted it to be a representation of who I am. Sharon made sure that I was satisfied. The result feels like a perfect match. Sharon can take feedback, I did not feel shy expressing what wasn’t working for me or the changes I wanted to make. Sharon was open and flexible. She took time to hear me and designed the site to fit the message and the mood I wanted to give. She put a visual to my inner desires.”

Marie GlasheenBhakti Yoga Retreat
Barbara Cox

“Sharon’s creative instincts were excellent in designing a site that reflected the nature of my business vision. I’ve gotten many compliments on it. Sharon is a delight to work with, and is prompt and helpful when I need follow-up assistance. She makes web business easy for amateurs like me.”

Barbara CoxYour Secret Self